Bringing the Old Into the New


Living anew amongst old things is tough. Young people working in offices filled with pre-dominantly middle-aged adults know all about that. It’s hard to “be” the change when it seems nothing is changing around you.

But it’s also hard to have a set way and to adapt when newness comes along.

Middle-aged adults in offices struggle to work alongside young folks just starting out. It’s hard to feel like old news. It’s difficult to be set aside for the younger, fresher, and more exciting.

As the old adage goes, though: make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver and the others gold.

All throughout Scripture God demonstrated the importance of unifying what has been with what is current –and even future.

Jesus referenced the Old Testament with respect and as if it had authority, even as He brought a new covenant into being.

We are charged with the care of the elderly and the widowed.

Jesus explained the important of bringing the old up to the new in Matthew 5:17:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

Something the Lord understands (as the creator of time itself) is that time builds on itself. History makes way for the future. The elderly must have existed for there to be the young.

Though newness in Christ, and in much of what He provides, is a blessing, we’re never to stop being grateful for all the long-past, well-loved gifts He’s given. We’re never to be fooled into thinking that the old, ill-fitted is worthless simply because it’s done it’s time.

About much more than just utilitarian value, our Lord places worth in fulfillment. That’s the Word He uses in reference to the melding of the new and the old covenants. It’s the word used to describe His relationship to the old prophecies.

Fulfilling is about bringing to completion that which was begun previously.

Young people in offices aren’t to destroy the foundation laid by older workers. Older workers aren’t to despise the youth.

As we set out in a new year, in new jobs, on new projects, with new friends and in new opportunities, the past isn’t to be forgotten. New good habits shouldn’t replace old good habits. New discoveries about the Lord shouldn’t push old truths aside.

That’s hard, too, isn’t it? We’re an all-or-nothing sort of people. In our pride, we place more value on things when they’ve come at the expense of something (or someone) else. My plan is only as good as how much better it is than his.

Humility. It takes humility to bring together the old and the new. Whether in the law, in relationship, at work, or in our faith, we can humble ourselves to give thanks for both.

Watch as He fulfills, step by passing step, making all the old new and all the new old until eternity is met.

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  1. I have been the “young” & been so grateful as the “old”encouraged and affirmed me. Relationships were forged which were lasting & precious. I guess now I am in the “older” category (not old yet) & love the blend of old & new still. Having been the recipient of the grace & wisdom of older people, I want to be that blessing to others. Not set in my ways, not demanding things stay the say but instead still learning. There will always be those older & those younger than us. May we live in humility, preferring one another & thinking in the best interest of each other. So glad to have been your neighbor this morning at Thought Provoking Thurs.

  2. This is so true during times of transition. I lead a women’s ministry and we have just begun the process to select the next president and board. I know my outgoing board is prone to feel like they are being set aside, as well… Thanks for sharing this insight!

  3. I love having Godly mentors who help encourage me in my walk. Now as I am becoming older, it’s hard to picture myself as a mentor. I think we can learn so much from one another. I enjoyed reading your post and found it at #DancewithJesus link-up.

    1. Thanks Valerie! Godly examples and mentors are so precious, aren’t they? : ) We do have much to learn from each other -and to share in fellowship! Hoping the Lord will surround you with people, younger and older, who point to Him this week!

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