Brand Ambassadors for Jesus?

We are to be ambassadors for Christ

Have you heard of Wegmans? If you’ve talked with me in person a few times, you probably have. I tend to bring up Wegmans when people mention eating out, grocery stores, saving money, specialty foods….or food at all.

If I wanted to start a side business as a Wegmans ambassador, it would be a natural transition.

Although I haven’t found such a program for Wegmans, there are a lot of ambassador-like social norms out there.

Social media is buzzing with people serving as ambassadors for essential oils, natural remedies, types of candles, etc. Some make money off it. Others promote ministries, books, friend’s organizations or talents just because they love them.

We are, by nature, promoters.

We share about stuff we like, dislike, find useful, etc. We act daily as ambassadors of whatever we have or whatever we know about that others might benefit from.

Then there’s Jesus…

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” -2 Corinthians 5:20

Bible verse about being an ambassador for Christ

Being reconciled to Christ is in the best interest of everyone we know. But I don’t find Jesus coming up in conversation, taking over social feeds, or being offered as more than a pat answer much…in my own life or in general.

A Bible study teacher of mine once commented how it struck him that the people he regularly conversed with knew his wife’s name and plenty of information about her just because of us how much he brought her up. He realized those same people may have heard him mention church or on occasion, the Bible, but likely didn’t know a thing about how much Jesus was a part of his life.

His story came to my mind after talking about Wegmans with someone yet again.

Am I as much an ambassador for the Savior I love, whose relationship with me defines my life, as I am for the grocery store I enjoy eating and shopping in? Or the man I married? Or the things that make my life easier? Click To Tweet

I don’t share about Christ as much as I wish I did.

However, as He continues to work at my heart and the flame of the Spirit continues to be fanned inside, I’m finding more and more that I want to be an ambassador for Jesus.

I want His answers to come to mind when someone shares their struggles with me. When I hear questions, concerns, and just plain old chatter, I want to hear the Holy Spirit responding in me. Just as Wegmans pops up when food comes up in conversation, I want Jesus to pop up when life stuff comes up in conversation.

What a blessing that when we’re drawing near to Him and relying on Him more, acting as His ambassador comes more naturally!

Will you pray with me for courage and passion for us as Christ’s ambassadors?

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7 Replies to “Brand Ambassadors for Jesus?

  1. Well you’ve educated me about Wegmans because we don’t have it here so I had to look it up! 🙂
    I agree though, it would amazing if acting as an ambassador for Jesus came more naturally. I never know how to talk about faith in a natural way with people who are not Christians. Pretty much everyone knows I am a Christian but it’s so much harder to express what that actually means in a way they can relate to. I guess praying for wisdom is the first step!

  2. It’s a grocery store in the region of the US I’ve lived in the most often! Hope you enjoyed looking it up ha!

    I so hear you. I think everyone I know tends to know too- but like you I’m not sure how to talk about Jesus more naturally. Praying with you!!

  3. Great post! Working in a biblical counseling ministry for many years, people came to me and because our counseling center was located in a church, people expected to hear about Jesus. In a way, I think that appeased my conscience and I wasn’t as vocal when I was out in the marketplace or other non-Christian environments. I’ve been working on that. One question I remember from the book Share Jesus without Fear is, “Do you ever think about spiritual things?” as a way to get a conversation started.

    1. What a great conversation starter, Donna. I’ve worked both in Christian and secular places, and it is easy to take for granted in Christian workplaces that Jesus is more freely talked about, so I hear you!

  4. I love this conversation. One easy way to be an Ambassador for Christ is to naturally talk about something that God did for you in a conversation or offer to pray with and for people when you see a need. Just my two cents 😊

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