Connecting God’s Power to Our Anchor in Christ

A book about Christ as our anchor and how powerful His effect on our lives can be

To me, Jesus walking on water isn’t the craziest part of the story recorded in Matthew 14. Peter’s response is.

What would inspire a man to say “IF it’s you, Jesus, command me to walk on water too?”

If I was skeptical that the guy defying physics was actually Jesus, I still would’ve settled for waiting on Jesus to climb into the boat. With Him sitting there with me, I’d expect to feel assured that He is who He says is. Asking Him to command me to defy physics too wouldn’t even come to my mind!

But Peter was exhibiting the powerful effect Christ has on those who are anchored in Him.


In her book, Anchored In, Micah Maddox connects the power of Christ to us living anchored in a relationship with Him. She begins by explaining what God’s power is all about (His glory, our purpose.)

Starting with examples of dark seasons and working her way through the ins and outs of dreaming, Maddox highlights God’s stable presence in every season of our lives.

Anchored In is divided into 4 parts:

  • The power of God to anchor us in dealing with our pasts
  • The power of God in the present, specifically in our thought lives
  • The power of God affecting our potential
  • The power of being in God’s presence

Each of these parts holds several chapters. All throughout, Maddox blends personal stories and illustrations with Bible truth and passages from God’s Word. Concise and poignant observations are a trademark of this book.

Christ being our anchor gives us hope

I have a long list of helpful quotes, including:

“When we honor Him as the anchor of our lives, God uses even the darkness to bring Him glory.”

“The prayers we pray would look very different if we asked for things in the light of God’s glory rather than our own.”

“I’m learning if I never exercise what I say I believe, my belief is more like an idea.”

Chapter 4 of Anchored In is particularly memorable and dear to me.

Called “Power in the Dream,” Maddox delves deeply into the story of Hannah. Sharing about dreams begin unexpectedly shaken, Maddox addresses unfulfilled dreams and heartfelt devotion to God. She makes impactful observations, like that Hannah’s “countenance was lifted before she conceived.”

As in every chapter, Maddox clearly points to our anchor: Christ. By highlighting His character and faithfulness, she evidences that God’s Word in Philippians 4:13 is true. We can do all things- praying, trusting, hoping, even living with unfulfilled dreams- powerfully! Because it is Christ who strengthens us.

Knowing that Christ is our anchor, it’s not so wild to react to His power with a desire to be with Him- even if that means walking on water or doing what feels impossible.

Christ is a powerful anchor.

This is a book I’ll be recommending to friends in places that feel hopeless and powerless. But it’s also one that will come to mind when sharing with fellow dreamers.

You can learn more about Micah Maddox and this encouraging book here: Anchored In.

<This review was written in exchange for a pre-release web copy of the book.>

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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the book, Bethany. I think my favorite section was experiencing God’s power over our thought lives. It had so many good ideas I felt like I could try to implement, so much wisdom. 🙂

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