The Writer


It’s a funny thing.

When people ask who we are, we tend to talk about our titles, tasks, and traits. We usually have to pick just a few because let’s be honest- we’re a lot of things.

What I want you to know about me (and you!) is this:

Title: Loved by God.

Task: To love God and out of that love, love others.

Traits: By the grace of God, we are who we are. We are made and being made.

As for those pesky pertinents expected in bios- I’m terrible at small talk. I spent years trying out job fields because people seemed confused when I answered “what do you do?” with “learn. Write. Research. Study. Uhmm…I’m married? My dog likes to snuggle…I think I’m a comedian but your silence at that joke indicates maybe I’m not.” Case in point: I’m terrible at small talk.

What I love much more than small talk is getting to know those whom God so loved He sent His only Son for them. That’s you. So please stay awhile, read a bit, comment, share, and connect with me.

Let me know what I can be praying over with you. You can email me here.