A Tree Proverb

A tree proverb about trust in God

Long into a serious and frustrating conversation about faith, my husband pointed at a familiar tree in the yard. It’s been there for decades longer than we’ve been alive.

“How does the tree stand?” he asked. I knew the question was loaded. I also know him; he won’t answer until I do.

“It’s weight. And it’s roots.” I said with a bit of snark.

“Show me,” he replied.

Flustered, I went searching for a root. Stubbing my foot on one, I pointed down, exclaiming “here!”

“That’s it?” he asked.

“What are you getting at?” I replied impatiently.

We’d been talking lately about God’s will in circumstances that didn’t make sense. I was frustrated with what seemed to me to be a lack of God’s provision.

My guy had been responding with some of my least favorite phrases.

He’d used dreaded sayings like “wait,” “be patient,” and “trust the Lord is still working.”

I sensed this tree was about to reinforce what I didn’t want to hear…and I was right.

He grinned.

“There’s a root system under this tree bigger than the top of the tree. I know because I’ve dug in this yard. We don’t get to see most of what supports this tree.

In fact, if it wasn’t familiar, you’d be confused about how it can stand, especially through storms and winds.

It looks impossible for that tall, top-heavy thing to be so sturdy. But it gets what it needs and is firmly secured by provision we only get tiny glimpses of.”

Sighing, I acknowledged the Lord’s provision is much like that. Reluctantly I stopped to marvel with my guy at the Lord’s way.

Tall trees are an illustration of God’s hidden provision and quiet presence. He grounds us securely where He wants us to be, though we often don’t see the how. Click To Tweet

We can trust God to provide

I think people are evidence of God’s below-the-surface work too.

People are often representative of defying what appear to be impossibilities and improbabilities.

Statistically, some of us were more likely to deal drugs than to share hope with teenagers. Some of us befuddle doctors with the recoveries we make against all odds, or the ability to live a happy life while in constant pain.

We wake up and say 'I can’t,' and then we do because of what God does. You are one of these people. You are evidence of God’s hidden, quiet work within people. Click To Tweet

Though we often only get glimpses of the extensive support He offers to keep us upright and help us grow, the evidence is undeniable when we look at what we can see.

Thank the Lord we witness His testimony in each other and His creation.

He works in the hidden and the intangible. He is the maker, the preserver, and the sustainer.

God makes Himself clearly visible through the eyes of faith when the natural eyes strain to make sense of what we can see. Click To Tweet

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10 Replies to “A Tree Proverb

  1. How wonderful that you and your hubby have serious discussions about faith. “Have patience”, “wait”, and “the Lord is still working” are phrases I usually don’t like to hear either! 🙂

  2. When I think of trees, I’m always reminded of Psalm 1:3:
    He shall be like a tree
    Planted by the rivers of water,
    That brings forth its fruit in its season,
    Whose leaf also shall not wither;
    And whatever he does shall prosper.

    That part about the leaf shall not wither? I take that to mean it will always have what it needs. And so will we, if we are rooted and grounded in Him.

  3. The lesson of the tree sounds like a parable that Jesus would have shared. There is so much unseen that provides the foundation for our journeys with God. Your husband shared some truths that correlate with how God works behind the scenes.

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