5 Encouragements When All You Can Do Is Pray

I wrote the following post before COVID-19 was an issue. How much more real this is today, when we feel helpless in the face of suffering, unable to even extend a hug…

If I’m honest, “just praying” makes me feel helpless. The frustration and despair in my heart when I’m told all I can do to help is pray reveals something I don’t like to admit:

I don’t always feel like praying accomplishes anything. I don’t always believe prayer makes enough of a difference.

Maybe this is because prayer isn’t tangible.

We don’t usually see prayer taking effect with results that are immediate, visible, or predictable.

Sometimes, just praying feels like taking the easy way out of helping someone. (Even if there isn’t anything we can do!)

Do you feel any of this, too?

Does hearing “all you can do is pray” make you feel a rush of guilt and helplessness?

Please join me on Living By Design for encouragement when all we can do is pray.

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2 Replies to “5 Encouragements When All You Can Do Is Pray

  1. Praying often feels like we are not doing much, maybe because it is not taking our time and resources and keeping our hands and feet busy. But it does make a difference. I have a friend who can tell when someone prays for her. I thought she was just saying this at first, but then she would say things like, I could tell you were praying for me at 2:00 today because my heaviness lifted and I was filled with peace. And wouldn’t you know it, I had sent up a prayer around that time. I have no idea if people are praying for me, but she does, and it has taught me that prayer does work and make a difference. Often when people ask for prayer, I try and within the next day, sit down and write out a prayer via text and text it to them. I have another friend who when she was going through a trial and me and another lady where writing prayers and sending them to her, found great comfort in them. She said she would read them multiple times during hard days. Prayers take very little effort on our part and don’t feel like any big task, but to the other person receiving the prayers, they mean more than we know.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share those experiences with me, Theresa. Wow! God is amazing. I love your intentionality in writing prayers and sending them as encouragement. What a gift that must be to others!

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